Decentralized Exchange Age Did not Come?

Why an Investor need to deliver all his/her assets to the Exchange Holder? Is there no any solution to this unfair and risky acts in Crypto World?

In any case don’t we give much commissions to the Exchange Owners? Then is it fair to leave all our holdings to Exchange’s Owners mercy?

If not so what is the real solution?

Maybe an Investor asks this kind of questions many times in a day, at least, I do ask myself at every turn.

Eventually every investors will come to the same point and they will ask that “why the Exchanges see themselves on our assets as principal owner”.

For sure Exchange owners should not accept themselves principal owners on our assets.

But what about us? Why we give them so much authority on our assets?

We are investing out our money to the Crypto Currency because we believe that Crypto Currency World is liberal world.

That’s why we have to transfer our assets to the Decentralized Exchanges.

Centralised Exchange Owners list a coin without asking us, even they delist the coins whenever they want!

Is that fair?

We know its Not!

Did not the time come for Decentralized Exchange?

I think we should much more consider on what promises Decentralized Exchange like #Bytedex!