Community Power and Speculators

Nowadays I dont want to believe what my eyes see on the social platforms! More than millions of Crypto Currency investors waits a tweet from a speculater to high the value of the coins that they hold!

Hey, what’s the matter with you? If you need a Father you can be part of Central banks and you can wait what Fed says or what TumpDEn says! But the crypto currency world or cripto currencies as product of the blockchain technologies not like that!

In Roman Empire Age community would have waited the the king to learn what the decisions that stated by the king or by the council about them.

I see with sorrow nowadays in the social platforms some men and women waits the speculators to decide about future of their lives! heyy, Which age we live in?
Haven’t centuries passed since the Age of Enlightenment?

Didn’t the Age of Enlightenment teach man the importance of being an individual?
What about been a community?
Have we not learned enough about the power of the community?

If millions of people used the power of the community to organize against the speculators instead of begging them it would do a much better job than waiting for a tweet from that speculator.

Cripto currency world doesn’t deserve these kind of begging tweets to speculators. We have the power! We have the community! We need liberal age! We are not sheeps that waits butchers! Let’s make a community! Lets make Bytedex community all around the world!

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