Blockchain and Change

When we come to today, we can say that we are on the eve of a technological revolution again.
It is the more post-modern age that we reach. Voluntarily or Necessarily we have to face to face it.

How a liberal Exchange principles failed to be success at the hands of centralized exchanges owners?
Is possible to set up a game that unappropriate to its roots it?

Why blockchain technology did enemy to its liberal origins?
Or what coused it failed from its claims?
We ask maybe a bottle of questions but we know from post- modern philosophy that the Answers comes before the questions.

So there is no barrier to begin the our inquiry with answers!

The world of cryptocurrencies was not an aim of Blockchain technology, but one of its products, moreover.
But the the crowds, here and there recognized and loved this profitable product. Meanwhile, the crowds overlooked the technology behind it and philosophy.

In the hands of certain people, cryptocurrencies have turned into a tool of manipulation and exploitation.
If the most important reason for it, is asked, it can be easily answered the question, as people taking the place of the system.

You can see some of these people manipulating a certain cryptocurrency, while others trying to imprison a technology that claims to be decentralized, such as Blockchain, in centralized exchanges.
So we must purge this miraculous technology of these people.

But how?

We should evaluate blockchain technology with itself, not with its products.
We have to explain how people who once listened to Central Bank governors actually drifted away from Blockchain philosophy when they followed people like Elon Musk today.
Because we should trust the system, not the people.

We have to promote Decentralized Exchanges like Bytedex against manipulators and centralised minds.

Because Blockchain doesn’t lie.

We can do it!

Byte Decentralized Exchange (ByteDex) Blockchain Tabanlı bir kripto varlık borsasıdır.